Our experts custom tailer Annuity solutions for each client based on what is in their best interest.
  • You may not have considered using an annuity for estate planning coupled with a customized life insurance product for your overall estate planning purposes.
  • You may also consider an annuity coupled with Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Annuities are Safe & secure options for your funds.
  • Instead of being issued from a bank, they are issued by insurance companies. Insurance companies are mandated to maintain liquidity and have cash reserves.
  • We structure Annuities based on your personal needs.
  • Have the option to have monthly income or grow your money for the long term or both.
Benefits of Fixed and Equity Indexed annuities.
  • Guaranteed Minimum Return (per annum)
  • Interest Crediting Rates beats CD interest rates
  • Upside potential of market returns without the risk of your account losing value from market volatility!
  • Annuities are issued by a Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company with an A.M. Best rating of “A” or greater.
  • Provides peace of mind.
  • No Commissions
  • No Management Fee's!
  • Bonus Money (Funds) added to your account with some annuity products when you roll-over funds.
  • Some of our carriers with certain products have a Bonus up to 10% of the amount of money that is rolled over / put into an annuity.
  • Tax–deferred earnings accumulation
  • Allows you to take guaranteed income that you can't outlive. "Income Benefit Rider" you are guaranteed to receive income for as long as you live, even if your account balance goes to zero.

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If you currently have any of the following and you are not satisfied:

  • An annuity that is not performing well
  • CD - (Low interest & subject to taxes on the interest each year & the national average return is:)
  • Money Market Account (Low interest & subject to taxes each year)
  • Volatile account subject to losses & annual capital gains
  • Cash (Not gaining interest),


Are you worried the stock market is going to go down or plummet?  It's not just a worry, but rather the inevitable question of when.  Just as taxes will increase with the amount of debt that has been placed by those in Washington, the teeter totter of taxes increasing, markets will react in simultaneous in a teeter totter manner of going down and interest rates increasing upwards.  As this happens, the US Dollar will weaken, the stock market will trend downward & our economy will struggle.

If you tired of the volatility in your account(s)

If you are TIRED of Losing Money in your account(s)

then a fixed annuity &/or an equity indexed annuity is for you.

Fixed annuities & equity indexed annuities are good alternatives, very low risk and have upside potential to increase  in value compared to CD's and other assets.

Fixed annuities & equity indexed annuities have a guaranteed no loss of principle, with a guaranteed interest rate on the funds.

Deferred Annuities accumulate regular rates of interest and the immediate kind make fixed payments; both are determined by your age and the dollar amount (size of your annuity).

The convenience and predictability of a set payout makes a fixed annuity a popular option for retirees who want a fixed income stream to supplement their other income.

We work multiple insurance carriers to get the best solution for each individual based on their needs.

We care about your needs and getting the right solution for you.

The carriers we use are the highest rated and best annuity products available in the market today.

We also provide life insurance, including: Term Life Insurance, universal life & whole (permanent life insurance).

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