Convert a Qualified account to an Annuity

Can I transfer a CD or money market fund into an annuity?

Answer: Yes

Can I convert anorther qualifed funds account into an Annuity?

Answer: Yes

  • GUARANTEE NO LOSS OF PRINCIPLE! (No risk to principal funds)
  • Have a Guaranteed Minimum Return that beats CD rates!
  • Licensed & Insured products, backed by each states department of insurance that guarantees principle no matter what
  • Issued by a Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company with an A.M. Best rating of “A” or greater.
  • Allows you to take guaranteed income that you can't outlive. "Income Benefit Rider" you are guaranteed to receive income for as long as you live, even if your account balance goes to zero.
  • Provides peace of mind that you cannot get by any other investments.
  • No Upfront Fee's!
  • No Management Fee's,
  • Bonus Money (Funds) added to your account on some products on day 1 (one) when you roll-over funds.
  • Some of our carriers with certain products have a Bonus up to 10% of the amount of money that is rolled over.
  • Tax–deferred earnings accumulation


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