About us

An Annuity Agent & Team You Can Trust

Our team focuses on planning  for our clients.

Our team provides the same professional level of planning.

Our staff has a team of  “research” support professionals that have had in-depth training on financial products, including the use of all analysis and diagnostic tools.

Each individuals financial plan is reviewed by our staff and is analyzed to determine if an annuity is suitable for each client.  We then help analyze which product(s) will be the best fit for each client or couple.  We cover every detail needed to make sure it meets not just our standards, but so that you and your posterity will be grateful for having teamed up with our staff.

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We use insurance carriers that have a strong financial strength.

They have a rating of A.M. Best's rating of "A-" (EXCELLENT) or higher.  a nationally recognized industry rating authority.


Standard and Poor's rating service has recognized American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company with a "BBB+" rating. Standard and Poor's considers "BBB" rated companies as having GOOD financial security characteristics.

Don't let an advisor take you too close to the edge of death or financial ruin.  The long road to get there is not worth the fast death and heartache you will go through if you risk your nest egg in the hands of those who take you next to the edge.

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